PAX S80 EMV Terminal


Accept all forms of Card Payments with the Pax S300 Credit Card Reader Machine






Hardware – PAX guarantees that all PAX hardware products are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may occur within two (2) years from date of initial shipment from PAX’s facility. This warranty is transferable. PAX will either repair or replace the products. Customer will pay expenses for return of such Products to PAX. PAX will pay expenses for shipment of repaired or replacement Products, via standard ground shipment, except for Products returned to Customer from another country. Repair or replacement of a Product (or any part thereof) does not extend the warranty period for such Product. Product accessories such as cables, rechargeable batteries and supplies are not covered in the PAX warranty unless out of box failure (OBF). If a warranty claim is made, PAX shall have the right to verify the claim at the purchaser’s assistance, and in case of a verified claim, PAX shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to either repair or replace the Product at its own cost, or refund the purchase price, less shipping and handling (if applicable). No warranty shall apply if the Product: a) has been disassembled, worked upon, altered or repaired by a person other than one duly authorized in writing by PAX; b) has been subject to misuse, or use not in accordance with the product manual; c) has been deliberately, negligently or accidentally damaged other than by normal use of the Product; d) is one whose serial number has been altered, defaced or removed by any person other than one duly authorized in writing by PAX; or e) is not manufactured, assembled or sold by PAX. Please note that opening the unit yourself will void your warranty, and erase all data, applications, and encryption keys on the terminal. Please note that it may be necessary for the terminal to be re-encrypted following some types of repairs. PAX Technology is not responsible for any costs relating to the re-encryption of a repaired terminal. PAX’s Disclaimer of Warranty. Any software provided by the PAX is licensed “as-is.” Users bear the risk of using it. PAX gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. Users may have additional consumer rights under their local laws which this agreement cannot change. To the extent permitted under the users’ local laws, PAX excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Out of Warranty Repairs – The warranty does not cover units damaged by: customer abuse, fire, spillage or flood, power surge or any electrical incident or units that have been connected to peripherals that are not authorized by PAX. Also the warranty is voided for units that have been opened by unauthorized repair centers or security seal is broken or destroyed. The serial number has to be visible and not altered in any way and also has to match the electronically stored serial number in the terminal. PAX warranties do not apply to repairs resulting from; damage resulting from negligence, accident, or environmental stress; any Customer or third party supplied software or supplies; unauthorized repair or modification; CONFIDENTIAL Version 1.5 improper site preparation or configuration, improper use, operation or implementation outside of the Product original specifications. Out of Warranty Repairs will apply. Customer Abuse: Abuse is defined as incidents requiring repair that are a result of damage due to normal usage and service. Some examples include a forced pulled pen cable from the connector, damaged glass screen from external blunt force, cracked terminal covers, repairs needed due to environmental stress such as hurricane, earthquake, flood, accident, liquid spillage such as soft drinks, and loss or damage in transit. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND OF ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES ON PAX’S PART, AND IT NEITHER ASSUMES NOR AUTHORIZES ANY OTHER PARTY TO ASSUME FOR PAX ANY OTHER LIABILITIES. THE FOREGOING CONSTITUTES THE CUSTOMER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR THE FURNISHING OF DEFECTIVE OR NONCONFORMING PRODUCTS AND PAX WILL NOT IN ANY EVENT BE LIABLE FOR DOWNTIME COSTS, LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUES OR GOODWILL, RELIABILITY DAMAGES, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS OF USE, DAMAGE TO ANY ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, OR ANY OTHER INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES BY REASON OF THE FACT THAT SUCH PRODUCTS WILL HAVE BEEN DETERMINED TO BE DEFECTIVE OR NONCONFORMING.